Size: 14687
Size: 14687
型號: 14687
外部高度: 146.0公分
外部寬度: 87.0公分
外部深度: 75.0公分 (包含櫃門凸出物6公分的深度)
內部高度: 128.5公分
內部寬度: 69.0公分
內部深度: 51.0公分
內容積: 452公升
標準重量: 660公斤
配備:GAS 高科技金庫專用安全系統

* 櫃體六面的防盜材料是採用內外鋼板包夾著
* 上下二組重量級的絞鏈承載,使得櫃門的開關
* 櫃門關閉後,左右以精鋼螺栓牢牢插入
* 曲線型櫃門與櫃體的密閉結合,可有效隔絕
* GAS安全系統提供一組六位數密碼鎖,一組RFID晶片鎖,一組
* Grade-2的GAS基本配備有: UPS不斷電系統;GSM簡訊
* 本系列產品的櫃體為米白色單色烤漆;內部的裝潢為典雅木座

Guardian Angel Grade-2 series is with the GAS-tech dedicated security systems
* Six sides of the burglar material is the use of internal and external security steel sandwich bag filled
   with material, anti-drill 40~70mm thick material can effectively prevent prolonged or continuous
   destruction of the general type burglary tools.
* Two set heavyweight hinge bearing, making the door safety switch smoothly, adds to the coffers
   of durability.
* After closing the door, around steel bolts firmly into the cabinet, effectively achieve
   tamper with safety cut-resistant design.
* Curved cabinet doors closed and the combination can be effectively isolated from the flames of
   fire invasion.
* GAS security system provides a set of six-digit password lock,a RFID chips lock and a precise
   time lock.
* GAS Grade-2 is equipped with basic: UPS uninterruptible power system; GSM SMS notification
   system; LED cabinet lights.
* This series of monochrome paint cabunet as gray white; interior decor is elegant wooden seat
   compartment design, and equipped with a small cabinet drawer.