Size: 60312
Size: 60312
型號: 60312 二屜防火文件櫃(深度較長)
外部高度: 73.4公分
外部寬度: 54.4公分
外部深度: 77.6公分
內部高度: 29.1公分
內部寬度: 38.7公分
內部深度: 61.9公分
內容積: 139公升
標準重量: 139公斤

< 產品簡介>
* 根據歐洲規範 NT Fire 017通過一小時的耐火測試
* 本產品提供耐火一小時的規格(二屜,三屜與四屜)
* 配備一組標準的防火櫃專用安全鎖具及一組機械式轉盤密碼鎖

Fire poses a serious threat to even the best run organisations, and estimates value the damage caused by fire in Britain to be over (E.$)1.5 million a day. Many thousands of companies every year are unable to re-establish profitable trading due to the destruction caused by fire to vital information such as sales ledgers, purchase ledgers, stock records and company information of a more general nature.